Camp Chestermere


Location/Address: 1041 East Lakeview Road, Chestermere, AB

Website: www.campchestermere.com

Phone Number:   403-272-6030 


Chestermere Recreation Centre

Location/Address:  201 West Chestermere Drive Chestermere, AB T1X 1B2

Website: www.chestermerecrca.com

Phone Number:   403-272-7170 ext. 221

Chestermere Public Library

Location/Address:   105B (basement) Marina Rd., Chestermere T1X 1V7

Website:  www.chestermerepubliclibrary.com

Phone Number:  403-272-9025

Kidz 1st Network, Parent Link Centre

Location/Address:  105 Marina Road, Chestermere, AB, T1X 1V7

Website: www.chestermere.ca/plcprograms

Phone Number:   403-207-7050

Chestermere Outdoor Rinks

Locations: Anniversary Park, John Peake Park and Chestermere Recreation Centre 

Website: www.chestermere.ca/outdoorrink

Phone Number:   403-207-7050

Chestermere Bike Park

Location/Address:  333 West Creek Drive, Chestermere, AB

Website: www.chestermere.ca/bikepark

Phone Number:   403-207-7050

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Outdoor Rink (CRCA)
John Peake Park
Anniversary Park - Lake Rink

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PLEASE NOTE: Recreation Providers reserve the right to change program times, dates, fees and course information at any time.

Be Active Chestermere will attempt to update information as we recieve it but should not be held liable for any undocumented changes on the website. Please be sure to contact recreation providers directly for program information.